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How to Install Anti Skid Chain for Your Car

Snow and ice are often encountered when driving in winter. For driving safety, we need to install anti-skid chains; anti-skid chain as an effective equipment for driving safety, do you know how to install it? Today let’s take a example of how to install automobile rubber anti-skid chain. The rubber anti-skid chain are high elastic and wear-resistant rubber, cause special process is adopted in the production process, nylon mesh is arranged inside the rubber, and the mesh body adopts rubber impregnated nylon rope as the stiffener. This production process effectively improves the tensile capacity and tear resistance of the rubber anti-skid chain, making snow driving car safer!
Lift one of driving wheel of the vehicle with a jack. Unfold and lay the rubber snow chains under the wheels. Then lift both ends of the anti-skid chain to meet above the wheel, so that the anti-skid chain is wrapped on the wheel. Note: the side with metal hook faces outward.

Hook the inner hook of the snow chain with your hands

Pull out anti skid chain with your hand, (many people will say that the outer hook is very difficult to hook when installing, it may because the anti-skid chain body moves inside when you hanging the inner hook). If necessary, you can put your foot against the wheel and pull snow chain out harder. Don’t worry that the anti-skid chain is broken, the rubber anti-skid chain is not so fragile.

This is what it looks like after pulling. You can see that the outer hook has not been hung. The next step is to hang the outer hook

Take out the rubber side rope from the packing box. A set of side ropes is composed of three rubber ropes with different thickness and strong elasticity, They will make rubber anti-skid chain can be tightly wrapped on the wheel during driving. A metal hook on the side rope, hook the hook to both ends of the anti-skid chain. Note: the hook should face outward, not inward, otherwise your tire will be broken.

Then we can install the side rope. First install the thinnest side rope (using the wrench will help you a lot), and pay attention to installing it diagonally so that the tension of the rubber rope can be evenly distributed. The thin side rope is as easy to install as the rubber band (you can try hard, don’t be afraid it will break, the elasticity and strength are beyond your imagination). Pull it on each outer hook.

Install the side rope of medium thickness. The installation method is the same as the just we said above step. It may be a little more laborious than the thin one. Similarly, don’t be afraid of breaking!

Finally, install the thickness side rope. The installation method is the same as above.

Check after installation: 1. Whether the inner and outer joint hooks are installed properly. 2. Whether the side rope and all hooks on the outside are hung properly. 3. Whether there is contact between the rubber anti-skid chain and the vehicle body. 4. Whether the space between the wheel flange and the chain body is roughly equal and whether there is eccentricity. 5. Test run 100 meters to see if it is normal.

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