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tire snow chains

Do You Really Know About Anti Skid Chains

In rainy days and snowy days, the car is very easy to slip. So when parking and driving, you need to use anti-skid chains to ensure the safety of the car. The following will introduce the various types, advantages and disadvantages of anti-skid chains for you! Iron chain anti skid chain As an iron chain, […]

tire snow chains

How Much Effect Can the Snow Chains Play in Winter

Today, I will continue to take you to know how much the snow chains we buy in winter can play? I have used anti-skid chains for a period of time. To be honest, anti-skid chains can really play an anti-skid role on ice and snow roads, and the role is also very obvious. Especially when […]

tire snow chains

How to Select an Excellent Anti-skid Chains

Snow chains are necessary in snowy days. Riders who go to the north in winter should prepare snow chains in advance. If there are no snow chains, they should buy them. How can we buy suitable anti-skid chains? Today i will give you a reference. 1、 How many anti-skid chains do you want to buy? […]

tire snow chains

When Driving in Winter Tying a Chain to the Tire Can Prevent Skidding Does It Damage the Car

The anti-skid chain is harmful to the tire. Because of the interaction of forces, while increasing the grip of the tire, the adhesion coefficient between the tire and the anti-skid chain will rise, which will naturally damage the tire, and the noise generated during driving will also change significantly. The unreasonable use of anti-skid chains […]

tire snow chain

How to Install Anti Skid Chain for Your Car

Snow and ice are often encountered when driving in winter. For driving safety, we need to install anti-skid chains; anti-skid chain as an effective equipment for driving safety, do you know how to install it? Today let’s take a example of how to install automobile rubber anti-skid chain. The rubber anti-skid chain are high elastic […]

Types of Anti Skid Chain for Cars

Types of Anti Skid Chain for Cars

When cold winter comes, some place snow always, snow won’t melt at once, but stick to the ground, becoming a thick layer of ice and snow pavement.This kind of road is very poor for driving cars, it is difficult to drive on the slop, on the other hand, braking distance increased, traffic accidents are easy […]

Tire Snow Chains

What You Should Know When Buying Anti Skid Chains for Your Car

Anti skid chains are a good equipment when driving car meets extreme rain and snow. 1,Is anti skid chains working? When driving meets extreme rain and snow, it is very difficult to control our vehicles, tire is easy to slip, the anti skid chain is mainly used to prevent tire slip in this extreme situation, […]

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