8PCS/Set Car Snow ChainTyre Winter Roadway Safety Tire Snow Adjustable Anti-skid Safety Double Snap Skid Wheel TPU Chains



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Bullet Points:

1、Anti-skid Wheel Chain: For supreme traction, it fits securely over your tires, and provides the perfect amount of traction and grip on slippery surfaces.This anti-skip safety chains for cars works equally well whether you are stuck in sand, mud or snow or climbing. It is also a cheaper alternative to snow chains.
2、High-quality Material: Made of pure steel, thicken pure TPU and steel studs, the chain does no harm to tires. It has the lower noise and is wearable, tough, anti-aging, grip firmly and ultra cold-resistant.
3、Multiple Platform: Designed for standard vehicle types: small vans, passenger cars and small SUVs. Fits most standard vehicle tires with about 165mm – 265mm/6.50-10.43in tire widths.
4、Easy Installation: The car safety chains are easy to install for all men and women. Do not need a lifting jack and no need to take down tires, it is safe to use and affordable. The chain has simple tension adjustment straps which make mounting your unit to the tire a breeze.
5、Portable Chain: Built with lightweight materials, it is easy to transport and stores in all standard vehicle storage compartments.

1. Main material: high-tech composite material (TPU)
2. Bear and endure to wear at low temperature.
3. Contacting with the ground is covered with high hardness alloy nail to prevent slippery.
4. 360 ° all-round.
5. Don’t damage the ground.
6. Vehicle running without vibration.
7. To ensure a comfortable drive to reduce vibration and noise.
8. With the minimum braking distance and the maximum traction sliding.
9. Small square and shorter length of each cross chain to reduce wear and tear.
10. Easy to operate chain tension system.
11. Install in a few minutes, there is no jack or mobile.


Ban on the emergency brake or turn.
The speed limit of 40 kilometers an hour.
Size is suitable for the tire width about 165 mm – 265 mm/6.50-10.43in between all of the models.
Automobile tire chain of snow, snow mud or sand.
The tire chains can be easily installed in most of the standard size of the alloy or steel wheel (about 13 inch – 19 inches) tire width in (about 165 mm – 265 mm/6.50-10.43in) car.

8 * Car Snow Tire Anti-skid Chains
1 * Snow shovel

1 * Pair of Non-slip Gloves


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