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tire snow chain

5 Questions and Answers About Rubber Anti Skid Chain

1. Can rubber anti-skid chains really prevent skidding? All rubber anti-skid chains are expanded as a new substitute for iron anti-skid chains and cattle rib anti-skid chains, which are favored by car owners because of their characteristics of more fitting to tires, more wear resistance, durability, and safer anti-skid. Compared with the severe wear of […]

tire snow chains

Five Deadly Sins of Poor Quality Automobile Anti Slip Chains

The content of this introduction is about the problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing anti-skid chains, which is the potential safety hazard or even fatal threat caused by fake and inferior anti-skid chains. Everybody must pay attention to it, and don’t be careless. Make fun of your own life. which I hope […]

tire snow chains

Experienced Driver Teaches You How to Judge the Quality of Anti-skid Chain Material

When driving in winter, we often encounter ice and snow roads. If we do not take safety measures, we are very likely to have side slip and other accidents when turning and braking. Therefore, experienced drivers have the opportunity to improve the grip when driving by purchasing appropriate anti-skid chains, so as to add a […]

tire snow chains

Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti-skid Chains and Instructions for Use

Nowadays, more and more drivers use anti-skid chains. However, anti-skid chains bring convenience to you, but they also have some disadvantages. If drivers use them improperly, these disadvantages may affect the operation of the whole car, and even endanger the life safety of drivers and passengers. Today, i will give fans a detailed introduction to […]

tire snow chains

What You Should Pay Attention to when Purchase and Use of Automobile Anti-skid Chains

Recently, many friends have asked me: what should I pay attention to buy the car’s snow chains in winter? In fact, i have made a collection of this problem. Today, I will introduce to you the precautions when purchasing automobile anti-skid chains. 1. How many snow chains should I buy? The car anti-skid chain is […]

tire snow chains

How to Correctly Select the Type of Anti-skid Chain in Winter

With the arrival of cold weather, snow has begun to fall in many places, and the road surface is slippery in snowy days. For the safety of driving, many car owners will choose to install anti-skid chains on their car tires. When choosing anti-skid chains, is it better to use iron or rubber? Let’s take […]

tire snow chains

Do You Need to Install Anti-skid Chains when Using Snow Tyres

In winter, I believe that many people will choose snow tyres in order to prevent skidding. After all, people who have used them know their advantages. But if we also install anti-skid chains when using snow tires, will the anti-skid function be improved? Let’s study it now. First of all, we need to understand what […]

tire snow chains

Why Are Many Car Owners Unwilling to Install Anti-skid Chains on Their Cars in Winter

In rainy and snowy days, you can’t leave the anti-skid chains. However, in fact, most of the goods vehicles will be equipped with anti-skid chains. It is rare for ordinary cars to install anti-skid chains. Why are private cars seldom equipped with anti-skid chains? For household vehicles, rubber anti-skid chains or ox tendon anti-skid chains […]

tire snow chains

Can Anti-skid Chains Really Effectively Ensure Our Safety in Winter

When in winter the weather is cold and the road is slippery. It is very dangerous to drive. At this time, many people think of anti-skid chains and think that they can increase a lot of safety factors. However, some people have questions in their hearts. They think that anti-skid chains look so good. Is […]

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