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tire snow chains

How Much Effect Can the Snow Chains Play in Winter

Today, I will continue to take you to know how much the snow chains we buy in winter can play? I have used anti-skid chains for a period of time. To be honest, anti-skid chains can really play an anti-skid role on ice and snow roads, and the role is also very obvious. Especially when two-wheel drive vehicles are driving on ice and snow roads, the use of anti-skid chains can improve the traffic rate of vehicles to a certain extent, but the negative effects of anti-skid chains are also have. It is not recommended to use them frequently or on roads without snow.

What are the negative effects of snow chains?

Increase tire damage: the anti-skid chain can be divided into iron chain anti-skid chain, rubber anti-skid chain and Oxford anti-skid chain according to the material. However, no matter which kind of anti-skid chain is made, it will cause certain damage to the tire, especially when it is used on the road where the snow has been cleared or the anti-skid chain is not fastened properly.

Installation trouble: generally, the installation of anti-skid chains is to erect the wheels, and then fasten the anti-skid chains on the wheels. Some drivers will lay the snow chains on the ground, then move the vehicle to press the vehicle on the snow chains, and then fix the snow chains. No matter which installation method is used, the installation of anti-skid chains is relatively troublesome, and the problems of cold and dirty must be overcome.

Loud noise: the tire noise will be doubled when the anti-skid chains are used, especially the noise of iron chain.

Low comfort: after the anti-skid chains are installed, the vehicle becomes bumpy when driving, and this bumpiness will increase with the increase of vehicle speed. The vibration caused by this bumping is particularly obvious on the asphalt road after snow and ice cleaning, which brings uncomfortable driving experience to the passengers in the vehicle.

It is precisely because of these side effects of the anti-skid chains and the fact that many anti-skid designs have been added to most vehicles today, so the scope of the use of the anti-skid chains is not large.

Although anti-skid chains can play an anti-skid role, it is not recommended to use them for a long time, drive at a high speed, use them on snow cleared roads, and even less recommend fierce driving. At the beginning of snowfall, you can drive a vehicle equipped with anti-skid chains to the highway, as long as you can accept the bumps and noise produced by the vehicle when it is moving fast

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