Car Tyre Winter Roadway Safety Tire Snow Chains Anti-skid Universal Multi-function Car Off-road Vehicle SUV Cars Snow Tire Chain



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Bullet Points:

1、High-quality Material: Tire snow chains are made of pure high-quality steel, thick TPU, steel studs and aluminum alloy fasteners. They are resistant to cold and aging, and durable, to ensure durability and service life.
2、Non-slip: Thanks to its excellent traction, it can be securely mounted on the tire and provides perfect traction and grip on a smooth surface. Whether you are experiencing sand, dirt or snow, this non-slip safety chain works well or climbs.
3、Reasonable Hollow Design: Alloy steel nail X-shaped cross distribution, effectively eliminate snow, enhance the anti-slip effect, the stability of the triangle to make the anti-slip effect more stable, with minimum braking distance and maximum traction sliding.
4、Easy to Install: The car safety chain is easy to install, suitable for all men and women to install , does not require a jack, does not require disassembly of the tires, it is safe to use, and has a simple tension adjustment strap for the chain, making it easy to mount your device to the tire.
5、Designed for Standard Models: Alloy iron buckles, self-adjusting according to tire size, suitable for most standard vehicle tires, tire widths from about 165mm/6.5in to 265mm/10.43in.

Winter Car Snow Chain Tires Universal Multi-function Car Off-road Vehicle SUV Cars Snow Tire Chain

Auto Tire Snow Chains Anti-Skip Belt Safe Driving For Snow Ice Sand Muddy Offroad For Most Car SUV VAN Wheel


This snow chain is specially designed for car tires. The special rough surface of the snow chain is used to increase the friction with the road surface, and generally protects the tire from snow and muddy roads, prevents the tire from slipping, and ensures the normal running of the vehicle. Especially on the snowy road in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth running of the vehicle.

-Bears low temperature and endures abrasion
-Touches the ground covered with high rigidity alloy nail,skid-resistant
-360 omni-directional
-Does not damage the ground
-No shaking when the vehicle is running
-Insure a comfortable drive with less vibration and noise
-Maximum traction with minimal brake distance and skidding
-The small square for links and the short length of each for cross chain minimize wear and breakage
-Easy to operate
-You can be free to choose the number of chains for a tire, such as 2pcs, 3pcs.


Product Name: Thickened Tire Chain
Material: thickened TPU + steel nail
Color: yellow
Applicable models: cars, cross country vehicles, SUV models
Installation proposal: one set for two tires.
Suitable environment: ice, snow, sand and muddy road.

Package Included:

Tire Anti-skid chain *1pcs

1. Do not install the chains at inflatable holes.
2. Double drive, install it in the drive wheel; Four-drive can be free.
3.To prevent damage to the body. After use, wash with warm water chain sheet. Pinning and member smear with rust inhibitor (or oil).
4. Due to the difference between different monitors, the pictures may not reflect the actual color of the item.