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tire snow chains

Why Are Many Car Owners Unwilling to Install Anti-skid Chains on Their Cars in Winter

In rainy and snowy days, you can’t leave the anti-skid chains. However, in fact, most of the goods vehicles will be equipped with anti-skid chains. It is rare for ordinary cars to install anti-skid chains. Why are private cars seldom equipped with anti-skid chains?

  • For household vehicles, rubber anti-skid chains or ox tendon anti-skid chains are commonly used, because iron anti-skid chains are easy to damage tires. However, when the temperature is very low, the tendon anti-skid chain is easy to break, which brings unsafe factors to the driving.
  • When using the anti-skid chains, the tire pressure monitoring system may give an alarm or stop working. When the anti-skid chains are removed, it is troublesome to re match the tire pressure monitoring system.
  •  The anti-skid chain only has a relatively obvious effect on uphill. It is not necessary to walk on a flat road, so many car owners do not want to install it.
  • Snow anti-skid chains play a certain role in increasing the grip, improving the friction coefficient with the ground and reducing the risk coefficient. However, different anti-skid chains have different effects. For large trucks, iron anti-skid chains are generally used, which have high durability and low price. However, iron anti-skid chains are easy to damage tires and roads.

Precautions for installing and using snow chains

  • 1. Do not install the anti-skid chain when the tire is flat. Because if the anti-skid chain is installed when the tire is flat, it may be much less difficult to install. Once the air pressure in the tire increases, it will give an expansion force to the anti-skid chain, making it more likely to break.
  • 2. The anti-skid chains are limited in size and are suitable for different wheel hub sizes and tire widths. When purchasing, pay attention to selecting the anti-skid chains that match the wheel sizes. For owners with uncertain tire size, they can drive to the auto parts store, and the general operators can install appropriate anti-skid chains for the owners.
  • 3. After the anti-skid chain is installed, the driving speed shall not exceed 50km / h. Because the anti-skid chains only have anti-skid effect on vehicles within this speed, once the speed exceeds this speed, the anti-skid chains are easy to be damaged, and the safety of vehicles is not guaranteed.
  • 4. For vehicles equipped with anti-skid chains, it is necessary to avoid sudden braking, rapid forward, sharp turning and continuous idling when driving. Because the instantaneous acceleration and braking will bring different risks to the anti-skid chain. Extreme turning and idling will affect it. We can think like this: after all, anti-skid chains are not belonging to the vehicle itself. They are the tools we need to get through those surfaces with low friction, so we should be careful when using them.
  • 5. When driving on non ice and snow roads, avoid walking on substances with sharp edges and dry roads that are not good for driving; When the vehicle enters the road surface that does not need to use anti-skid chains, the anti-skid chains shall be removed in time, otherwise the driving of the vehicle will be affected.
  • 6. The anti-skid chain is not designed for trailers and tractors.
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