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tire snow chains

When Driving in Winter Tying a Chain to the Tire Can Prevent Skidding Does It Damage the Car

The anti-skid chain is harmful to the tire. Because of the interaction of forces, while increasing the grip of the tire, the adhesion coefficient between the tire and the anti-skid chain will rise, which will naturally damage the tire, and the noise generated during driving will also change significantly. The unreasonable use of anti-skid chains will accelerate the damage of automobile tires. The tires with anti-skid chains should control the speed when driving, most of which should not exceed 40 km / h. at the same time, there should be no sudden braking and acceleration during driving, which will not only damage the automobile tires, but also slip easily, and the driving safety can not be guaranteed.

Precautions for use:

1. If iron anti-skid chains are used, they cannot be locked around the wheel hub without soft fixing materials, otherwise the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be strained. Don’t care too much about the rubber anti-skid chain. The material itself, like the tire, won’t cause serious damage, but it’s not suitable to pull it too tight. The precautions for fixing TPE reinforcement are also the protection of tire sidewall. If possible, some flexible fiber paper can be used to pad the contact surface between the anti-skid chain and the tire sidewall, which can effectively cut the sidewall rubber when the tire is deformed.

2. There are also size restrictions on the anti-skid chains, which are suitable for different wheel hub sizes and tire widths. Pay attention to selecting the anti-skid chains that match the wheel size.

3. After the anti-skid chain is installed, the driving speed shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour. When driving, avoid sudden braking,fast turning and continuous idling. No driving on non ice and snow roads, no driving on materials with sharp edges and dry roads that are not good. When the vehicle drives into the road without snow, anti-skid chains shall be removed in time.

4. Confirm whether the car is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, because the chain must be installed on the group of tires that play a major role. In particular, for automatic blocking, it should be noted that anti-skid chains should be installed on both front wheels (rear wheels) at the same time. Do not use anti-skid chains on only one wheel, which is easy to damage the automatic transmission.

In fact, generally, in addition to the high frequency of using anti-skid chains in extremely cold areas, people use tire snow chain are very short time. As long as the installation method is correct, the damage to the tire is very small.

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