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tire snow chains

Many Drivers Don’t Know Whether the Snow Chains Are Installed in the Front Wheel or the Rear Wheel

Many people believe that if the vehicle skids on the ice and snow road and the direction cannot be controlled, the vehicle has insufficient grip. As long as the anti-skid chain is installed, everything will be fine. In fact, it is not. There are many types of anti-skid chains and installation methods. If any one item goes wrong, it will not only be difficult to ensure the grip on the snow, but also affect the normal driving safety. Many drivers still don’t know that they have to change the tire when traveling in snow。

Installation position of anti-skid chain – the front drive car should installed in the front wheel, and the four-wheel drive car should installed in the rear wheel or four-whee.

In the past, we often heard that the installation position of anti-skid chains should be installed on the driving wheels of the vehicle. For example, the front drive vehicle is installed on the two front wheels. If the rear drive is installed on the two rear wheels, the grip can be increased. But in fact, for rear drive car or four-wheel drive models, we prefer to install anti-skid chains on all four wheels. If the anti-skid chain is only installed on the driving wheel and the front wheel has no good grip, it will lose its direction, which will also bring fatal danger on the snow.

Type selection of anti-skid chains

1. Iron chain

It is actually a steel chain. This kind of iron chain is widely used, cheap and easy to install. However, the main disadvantage is that the tire is severely worn, because the iron chain exposed to the tire surface is free to move back and forth, except that the front and back sides of the tire are fixed by steel wires, but on the other hand, this kind of iron chain is also relatively durable.

2. Rubber chain

The rubber chain is made of high-quality rubber material with strong tensile force, and tensile nylon wire is arranged in the rubber. Nylon wire plays the role of tensile resistance and reinforcement. With steel nails on the rubber strip, it can play a good anti-skid role.

3. Installation method of anti-skid chain

The use of anti-skid chains must be installed on the snow road. The use of anti-skid chains on the clean snow and ice free road will cause damage to the tire and road. Before entering the snow or climbing on the snow and ice road, install the anti-skid chain. First lay the anti-skid chain on the front of the vehicle (the rear wheel can also be laid on the rear of the vehicle). After aligning the tire with the anti-skid chain, drive the vehicle onto the anti-skid chain. When the tire is in the center of the anti-skid chain, stop the vehicle and install the anti-skid chain. When installing the front wheel anti-skid chain, you can turn left and right to find a suitable position and fasten the inner buckle.

The installation of the rear wheel is relatively complex. You can consider installing it in a professional repair car store. If you want to install it yourself, you can also consider using a jack to lift the vehicle slightly, leaving room for better handling the fixed buckle of the anti-skid chain inside the rear wheel. If the anti-skid chain is installed incorrectly and the inner anti-skid chain is disconnected, it is easy to damage the structure of the vehicle chassis, the brake oil pipe or ABS sensor, and the vehicle structure near the tire will be affected.

Therefore, the correct choice of anti-skid chains should be determined according to the actual situation, especially in the installation methods and precautions of different chains. After all, safe drive is the most important thing.

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