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How to Correctly Select the Type of Anti-skid Chain in Winter

With the arrival of cold weather, snow has begun to fall in many places, and the road surface is slippery in snowy days. For the safety of driving, many car owners will choose to install anti-skid chains on their car tires. When choosing anti-skid chains, is it better to use iron or rubber? Let’s take a look.

First of all, we need to understand the principle of anti-skid chains: automobile anti-skid chains make use of the special rough surface of anti-skid chains to increase the friction with the road surface. Usually, in snow and muddy road conditions, they play the role of protecting tires, preventing tires from slipping, and ensuring normal driving of vehicles. Especially on snow covered roads in winter, it can effectively ensure the smooth driving and driving safety of vehicles.

What kind of anti-skid chain is suitable?

Whether the anti-skid chain is made of iron or rubber should also be comprehensively judged according to the vehicle type, driving environment and other factors. If it is for heavy trucks or vehicles running on ice and snow roads for a long time, it is better to use iron anti-skid chains. If you are a family car and don’t drive on ice and snow roads, it is better to choose rubber anti-skid chains to reduce the damage to tires

First of all, find out whether your car takes more mountain roads or more flat urban areas. If your car often takes mountain roads, it is recommended to use all steel anti-skid chains or rubber anti-skid chains, which have great friction when climbing slopes. If you choose cow tendon anti-skid chains, it is easy to break.

If your car travels more in a flat urban area, it is sufficient to use the anti-skid chains made of ox tendons. The choice of anti-skid chains depends on your road conditions. Steel or rubber chains are used for climbing, and ox tendons are used for flat roads.

Precautions for installing snow chains:

1. It should be clear that the role of anti-skid chains is only to enhance the friction between tires and the ground in snowy days, which is relatively better than the anti-skid effect of wheels without anti-skid chains.

2. Make sure your car is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, because the chain must be installed on the group of tires that plays the main role. Especially for automatic stop, it should be noted that anti-skid chains should be installed on both front wheels (rear wheels) at the same time.

3. The anti-skid chains also have size restrictions, which are suitable for different wheel hub sizes and tire widths. Pay attention to selecting the anti-skid chains that match the wheel sizes.

4. After the anti-skid chains are installed, the driving speed should not exceed 50km / h. when driving, sudden braking, sudden forward, sharp turning and continuous idling should be avoided.

5. When driving on non ice and snow roads, avoid walking on substances with sharp edges and dry roads that are not good for driving. When the vehicle enters the roads that do not need anti-skid chains, it should be removed in time.

The above is the whole content of this article. I hope I can help you. If you want to know more about automobile anti-skid chains, welcome to read other articles on this site. Thank you for reading!

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