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tire snow chains

Do You Really Know About Anti Skid Chains

In rainy days and snowy days, the car is very easy to slip. So when parking and driving, you need to use anti-skid chains to ensure the safety of the car. The following will introduce the various types, advantages and disadvantages of anti-skid chains for you!

Iron chain anti skid chain

As an iron chain, anti-skid chain is the most common one, and it is also used most by car owners, mainly because the price is good and It should be more durable than other anti-skid chains. However, the disadvantages are also obvious. It is noisy to use, and it will increase the weight of the car. It will increase the fuel consumption of the car. What is more serious, it will damage the tires, because both sides are fixed with steel wires. During driving, When the iron chain rubs against the tire, it will certainly cause tire damage.

TPU snow chains

It is mainly made of high polymer materials, and can change colors according to your own preferences. It does not look so ugly compared with iron chains, and it is much easier to install than iron chains. However, it is a kind of plastic, It is easy to harden and break in low temperature environment after long-term work. Compared with iron chain, the durability may not be so good.

Rubber chains

Compared with the former two, rubber anti-skid chains use materials similar to automobile tires, which are more resistant to low temperature. In addition, since the weight of rubber is much lower than that of iron chains, the fuel consumption will be reduced to a certain extent, and the elasticity is good. It drives more smoothly. Compared with iron chains, the friction is stronger and more anti-skid, but the price is high. It must be much higher than the first two.

After introducing so many kinds of automobile anti-skid chains, I believe you can also find the kind you like.

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