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tire snow chains

What You Should Pay Attention to when Purchase and Use of Automobile Anti-skid Chains

Recently, many friends have asked me: what should I pay attention to buy the car’s snow chains in winter? In fact, i have made a collection of this problem. Today, I will introduce to you the precautions when purchasing automobile anti-skid chains.

1. How many snow chains should I buy?

The car anti-skid chain is sold by the set, one pair of two; Ordinary cars only need to buy one pair, which is installed on the driving wheel, usually the front wheel. If your car is four-wheel drive, it is recommended to buy 2 pairs and install all four wheels, which will be safer.

2. I see many chains for cars. Is the chain suitable for me?

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people use chains, but large vehicles still use chains; The iron chain is actually the best anti-skid chain. The only weak point is the poor anti sideslip ability. At the same time, the iron chain is easy to damage the tires and road surface, and the noise is also loud. It is also extremely uncomfortable to ride. Therefore, the iron chain is rarely used in cars nowadays.

3. I think many people on the Internet sell anti-skid chains, especially those made of tendons. Can I buy a pair?

Most of the anti-skid chain products on the network are made of tendons, which are a kind of plastic. They will become brittle at low temperatures, suffer from poor performance, and are easy to break. From the perspective of material and safety, ox tendons are not suitable for making anti-skid chains, which is easy to understand: which car tire is made of ox tendons? Due to the low raw material and processing cost of beef tendon, and the uncomplicated technology, more and more beef tendon anti-skid chains are available on a treasure.

4. What kind of snow chains are most suitable for cars?

The anti-skid chains most suitable for cars are actually made of rubber, because rubber has good elasticity, low temperature resistance and strong friction (think about why car tires are made of rubber). On the Internet, some manufacturers of rubber chains also claim to be rubber chains. Note: the rubber is black, because there is a reinforcement: carbon black; Therefore, the rubber snow chains can only be black and have the same texture as the tires.

5. What is the best rubber snow chains like?

The best rubber anti-skid chain is made of high elastic and wear-resistant rubber, and the rubber mesh is braided with rubber impregnated nylon rope as the reinforcement, and the side rope of the anti-skid chain is also braided with nylon rope. The tensile strength of such rubber anti-skid chains is doubled. Cow tendons will be discarded after running for 80 kilometers at most, and the anti-skid chains of this process can run for at least 1000 kilometers in normal use, greatly improving driving safety.

6. Do I need to buy better snow chains?

It is very necessary. The purpose of anti-skid chains is to drive safely in ice and snow. If you buy low-quality anti-skid chains because they are cheap, you will lose more if they are bumped due to quality problems, or even caused accidents.

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