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Tire Snow Chains

What You Should Know When Buying Anti Skid Chains for Your Car

Anti skid chains are a good equipment when driving car meets extreme rain and snow.

1. Is anti skid chains working?

When driving meets extreme rain and snow, it is very difficult to control our vehicles, tire is easy to slip, the anti skid chain is mainly used to prevent tire slip in this extreme situation, it will improve the vehicle’s grip ability and prevent sideslip and rollover accident, in addition, it is also good to use in muddy roads and gravel sections.

2. How many kinds of anti skid chain?

With development of manufacturing skills, there are many different kinds of anti skid chains, if dividing by material, there are iron chains, steel wire rope chains, rubber chains, ox tendon chains ect.

  • Iron chains is the earliest anti skid chains, it is durable and strong, price cheap also, but it is noising, difficult to disassemble, and harmful for the tire.
  • Wire rope anti skid chain is a new product, it is easy to install, material is manganese alloy, long service life, it is widely used in off road vehicles and high, medium low grade cars.
  • The rubber chain is super tensile force, inside with tensile nylon materials, outside with nails to strengthen anti skid effect.
  • Ox tendon china made of Pt, PP, and PVC mixed materials, which is easy to install, but it is easy to break.

3,How to choose anti skid chains?

Generally speaking, extreme rain and snow weather is not usual, for family cars use anti skids chain not quite many times, if you choose iron chain, it is not good to your tire, seems gain is not worth the loss, therefore, ox tendon china or rubber chain is suitable for household vehicles.

For heavy trucks, it is highly recommended to use iron chains, it is excellent anti skid, and long service life than rubber chains, for trucks, iron chains are more convenient and durable, also meet the needs of large cargo capacity.

Rubber chain have same tire material, high quality rubber chain contains nylon, but price will be higher because of high manufacturing process.

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