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Types of Anti Skid Chain for Cars

Types of Anti Skid Chain for Cars

When cold winter comes, some place snow always, snow won’t melt at once, but stick to the ground, becoming a thick layer of ice and snow pavement.This kind of road is very poor for driving cars, it is difficult to drive on the slop, on the other hand, braking distance increased, traffic accidents are easy to happen,therefore, many people will install anti skid chains on the car to help driving.

1. What is anti skid chain?

Generally speaking, anti skid chain made of steel chain or rubber chain, which is installed on the wheels of the cars, it will improve the wheel adhesion coefficient and preventing the wheel from slipping on the ice road.

2. Types of anti skid chain

  • Iron anti skid chain is the earliest anti skid chain used in cars, it is made of normal iron chain into a special shape and wound on the wheels, excellent anti skid, low price, strong and durable are its advantage,but disadvantage are high noise, difficult disassembly and assembly,heavy tire wear. It is usually used in large trucks, construction machinery and other vehicles.Some off road vehicles use this kind of anti skid chain when driving poor road situation, but is is rarely used in house hold vehicles.
  • There are two kinds of leather anti skid chains, one is polyurethane anti skid chain, which well know as ox tendon anti skid chain, it is cheap, but it is not durable, normally scrapped once or twice after use, it is suitable for short term use on ordinary ice roads, the other one is rubber anti skid chain, which made of high elastic and wear resistant rubber, it is low temperature resistance, wear resistance, good elasticity, strong friction and good tensile resistance, it can be used for a long time, its anti skid effect is better than ox tendon anti skid chain, but not as good as iron chain, it is suitable for household vehicles to use for a long time.
  • Steel wire rope anti skid chain is a new type of anti skid chain,it is convenient to install and long service life, but price expensive and tire wear is large, it can be applied to most cars.

3. When using anti skid chain, what you should pay attention to

  • Anti skid chain have different size for different tire size, please pay attention with the size when you buy anti skid chain.
  • The anti skid chain must be installed on the driving wheel, and be sure that the tire pressure is normal, it is not allowed to install the anti skid chain on the wheel with low tire pressure, after installation, driving about 20 meters to check whether the anti skid chains fit well with the tire.
  • After installed the anti skid chain, we should driving vehicle at low speed, normally not exceeding 40km/h, avoid sudden acceleration or emergency braking as far as possible.
  • We should install anti skid chain before meets ice road, when vehicle drives into a good road, please remove anti skid china in time.
  • After install anti skid chain, some cars tire pressure warming lamp turned on, don’t worry this, after removed the snow chain, just reset the tire pressure lamp will be fine.
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