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Automobile anti-skid chains

The advantages of automotive anti slip chains and their use in different environments

Automobile anti-skid chains are important tools for increasing the contact area between tires and the road surface, reducing the sliding between tires to increase friction, preventing vehicle slipping, and ensuring safe driving of vehicles when driving on the road. Its main function is to increase the stability of the vehicle after installing anti slip chains, avoid slipping during emergency braking, ensure vehicle safety, increase driving speed, shorten braking distance, save fuel, improve transportation efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and give drivers strong confidence. After installing the anti-skid chain on the car in winter, when the car is in emergency braking, the anti-skid chain will increase the ground grip of the wheels, which can increase the lateral pressure by 91.44% and the lateral tension by 5.98%, greatly shortening the braking distance and improving safety.

Types of anti slip chains

Anti slip chains are divided into three types: steel wire anti slip chains, cow tendon anti slip chains, and rubber anti slip chains.

1. Steel wire anti slip chains

Steel wire anti slip chains are made by sheathing steel wire strings on tubular links. This type of anti slip chain has high strength, wear resistance, convenient installation, and easy replacement. However, due to its loud noise, it is easy to cause tire wear.

Automobile anti-skid chains

2. Cow tendon anti slip chain

The cow tendon anti slip chain is composed of two tensioning rings and several or more spokes. The tensioning ring is fixed on the spokes and can adjust the tightness of the anti slip chain, making it easy to replace. The use of cow tendon anti slip chains is comfortable and stable, with low noise, high load-bearing capacity, and wear resistance. It is the preferred anti slip device for large and heavy vehicles.

3. Rubber anti slip chains

Rubber anti slip chains are made of wear-resistant rubber material and sheathed on the steel wire rope of the outer layer of the track, which has the advantages of long service life and long driving distance. It is more suitable for heavy-duty and heavy cargo vehicles. Another advantage of rubber anti slip chains is their long lifespan. But rubber anti slip chains have poor comfort and loud noise.

Precautions for using snow chains

  • Choose the appropriate size of the anti slip chain, as either too large or too small cannot achieve good anti slip effect.
  • To maintain the appropriate tightness of the anti slip chain, excessive tightness can affect the service life of the tire, and excessive looseness can lead to the failure of the anti slip chain.
  • When installing the anti slip chain, remove the tire and install the anti slip chain from the wheel hub, otherwise the chain may fall off.
  • When driving, you should maintain a distance between vehicles and avoid sudden braking, as heavy-duty vehicles have longer braking distances.
  • Regularly check the condition of the anti-skid chains and replace them promptly if any damage is found.

Advantages of using snow chains in different environments

  • Using anti slip chains during rainy days can effectively protect tires, reduce friction between tires and the road surface, and improve driving safety.
  • When driving on muddy and slippery roads, using anti slip chains can improve tire adhesion, increase vehicle stability and safety.
  • Using anti slip chains when driving on snow covered ground can effectively prevent vehicle slipping and ensure driving safety.
  • When driving on soft roads such as deserts and snow, using anti slip chains can improve the vehicle’s passability and traction, and increase the driving distance.

In summary, the use of automotive anti slip chains in different environments can effectively improve driving safety and stability, ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers.

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