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Five Deadly Sins of Poor Quality Automobile Anti Slip Chains

The content of this introduction is about the problems that should be paid attention to when purchasing anti-skid chains, which is the potential safety hazard or even fatal threat caused by fake and inferior anti-skid chains. Everybody must pay attention to it, and don’t be careless. Make fun of your own life. which I hope you will know well

1. Poor raw materials

The main raw materials of rubber anti-skid chains and rubber reinforced anti-skid chains are polyurethane materials, and the prices of polyurethane materials on the market can vary by dozens of times at most. Good brand mostly adopts imported polyurethane materials to ensure excellent and stable performance of anti-skid chains under various extreme conditions. This is also an important reason why the market prices of similar snow chains are very different.

2. Sol

Among many fake and shoddy anti-skid chains, the problem of sol is quite common. It is mainly for small manufacturers to save raw material costs in terms of production process and quality inspection. During the use of the anti-skid chain, friction, low temperature and improper storage will cause the rubber on the chain piece of the anti-skid chain to become soft, deformed, unable to fit the tire surface, and normal use. If it is not found in time, it is very easy to break during use, which will endanger the safety of passengers and vehicles.

3. The steel nail falls off

As far as the structure of the anti-skid chain is concerned, its anti-skid principle is to use the diamond structure of the rubber chain, the round bulge on the surface of the rubber chain and the most important steel nail on the rubber surface to enhance the friction and road adhesion to play the role of anti-skid. Once the steel nail is separated from the rubber surface due to quality problems, the overall anti-skid performance of the anti-skid chain product will be greatly reduced, and its safety protection value will be lost.

4. Broken steel hook and chain piece

On the outer side of the tire after the installation of the anti-skid chain, the steel hook is used together with the tensioner to completely fit and wrap the tire surface. The steel hook is relatively easy to break, so in addition to selecting high-quality raw materials and adopting advanced technology to strengthen the rubber quality, thickening materials are also required here. However, counterfeit and shoddy anti-skid chains obviously cut corners here, and the connection between steel hook and rubber chain is easy to break due to insufficient thickness and strength.

5. The tensioner is broken

From the appearance, the tensioner is a very common rubber ring. But its quality is as important as its internal quality. To use an inappropriate metaphor, it is like your belt. Without it, your pants will fall down; Of course, if the tensioner breaks in use, it is not as simple as embarrassment. Small brand tightener is usually not soft enough, with low tensile coefficient, and it is easy to freeze and break at low temperature

The five deadly sins mentioned above cannot be underestimated, because all of them are indeed vital. Remind the car friends again that you are not buying car snow chains, you are buying car safety. Good things are trustworthy, because they are really helpful.

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