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tire snow chains

Experienced Driver Teaches You How to Judge the Quality of Anti-skid Chain Material

When driving in winter, we often encounter ice and snow roads. If we do not take safety measures, we are very likely to have side slip and other accidents when turning and braking. Therefore, experienced drivers have the opportunity to improve the grip when driving by purchasing appropriate anti-skid chains, so as to add a security to their snowy driving. So which anti skid chain is good to buy?

Both rubber and metal anti-skid chains have their own advantages. If you are worried about what kind of anti-skid chains to buy recently, you might as well take a look at this article to understand the advantages of metal, rubber, tendon and TPU anti-skid chains, and then choose your favorite anti-skid chains.

Rubber snow chains

The rubber anti-skid chain adopts the high elastic and wear-resistant rubber similar to the automobile tire as the raw material, which has the advantages of low temperature resistance, wear resistance, good elasticity, strong friction, etc. From the appearance, the rubber anti-skid chains are basically similar to the cow rib anti-skid chains in appearance. They are composed of chain body, steel bowl, side rope, tie rope and other parts. They are symmetrical structures, so they will not affect the appearance of your car. However, due to the production process and the cost of raw materials, the price of rubber anti-skid chains is not cheap. If you often drive on muddy, sandy, snowy roads, you are advised to purchase them carefully according to the economic situation.

Metal snow chains

The metal chain is the most common and classic one. After all, it is cheap and very durable. It can withstand repeated friction on the sand road and has the highest cost performance. In addition, compared with cow tendons and rubber anti-skid chains, metal anti-skid chains are easy to disassemble.

Cow tendons, TPU anti-skid chains

Such anti-skid chains are collectively called “cow tendon anti-skid chains”. The core material is polyurethane, a new organic macromolecule material. Because it can be made into anti-skid chains of different colors after adding different pigments, you can consider to start with cow tendon anti-skid chains if you like bright colors. However, because polyurethane belongs to the plastic category, it will become brittle and hard under low temperature environment, so the disadvantages of the ribbed anti-skid chain are easy to break, poor durability and average cost performance.

Well, the above three categories are common in the market at present. Those who drive on the snowy or muddy roads can buy them according to their actual conditions, and let them escort your driving safety.

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