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Do You Need to Install Anti-skid Chains when Using Snow Tyres

In winter, I believe that many people will choose snow tyres in order to prevent skidding. After all, people who have used them know their advantages. But if we also install anti-skid chains when using snow tires, will the anti-skid function be improved? Let’s study it now.

First of all, we need to understand what is snow tire

Since snow tyres are specially designed for snowing in winter, they are different from ordinary four season tyres in terms of comfort, handling and noise when driving under other climatic conditions. Therefore, after the weather warms up in spring, we should change back to the four season tyres in time and save the snow tyres.

Secondly, should snow tyres be equipped with anti-skid chains

Generally not. Both anti-skid chains and snow tires are designed to avoid vehicle skidding when driving in winter. The pattern of snow tires is relatively large, which can have better grip. The essence of using anti-skid chains is to increase the friction between tires and the ground. Generally, one of the two can be selected. If the snow and ice roads are very serious, and the use of snow tires can not ensure driving safety, it is not recommended that the owner drive on the road.

Comparison between snow tire and anti-skid chain

Winter tires are different from snow tires. Winter tires are defined as tires suitable for use at temperatures below 7 ℃, not snow tires. Compared with summer tyres, snow tyres have wider tread, deeper tread lines, softer tyres, greater friction and stronger grip. When driving on ice and snow roads, do a good job in using snow tires. Although the friction between tires and the ground is increased, the comfort is not guaranteed, and the fuel consumption and tire noise will also be improved accordingly.

The anti-skid chain is generally made of steel chain, rubber chain and tendon chain. Steel anti-skid chains are cheaper and more durable, but they are difficult to disassemble and wear automobile tires to a certain extent. Rubber anti-skid chains can also work in low temperature environments, with good elasticity and strong friction. The price is a little expensive. Car owners can reasonably choose anti-skid tools according to the driving environment. The use of anti-skid chains is generally emergency and cannot be driven at high speed.

Share some winter driving skills

1. After the cold car is started, warm up the car. The in-situ warm-up time should not be too long, only about 1 minute. The main purpose is to fully lubricate the engine oil. When the engine is idling, the effect is limited. If the engine is idling for a long time, it will waste gasoline and time, increase the burden of the car, and easily form carbon deposits.

Then, at the beginning, drive slowly and don’t step on the accelerator. This is the most critical point. Because of the low temperature in winter and poor oil fluidity, the viscosity of the oil in the transmission will increase. By driving slowly, various types of lubricating oil and lubricants can be delivered to their respective posts.

2. Turn on the A / C heater. One thing to note here is that you don’t need to press the AC button to turn on the warm air in winter. The main reason for turning on the warm air is to prevent the fog inside the vehicle from affecting the vision.

3. If it is snowy, control the speed and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Because of the snow, the ground is very slippery, and the handling sensitivity of the car’s brakes is greatly reduced. If the speed is too fast, it is easy to lose control and cause accidents. If the vehicle is equipped with snow mode, turn on the snow mode for driving.

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