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tire snow chains

Comparison of Advantages and Disadvantages of Anti-skid Chains and Instructions for Use

Nowadays, more and more drivers use anti-skid chains. However, anti-skid chains bring convenience to you, but they also have some disadvantages. If drivers use them improperly, these disadvantages may affect the operation of the whole car, and even endanger the life safety of drivers and passengers. Today, i will give fans a detailed introduction to the advantages and disadvantages of anti-skid chains and their instructions!

Advantages and disadvantages of using snow chains

1. About tire wear

Some people say that the use of anti-skid chains is easy to cause wear to car tires. Someone has specially made an experiment on this. A hard brake is equivalent to a normal tire run of 3000 km. The tire wear caused by driving 100 km with snow chains is equivalent to the wear caused by driving 300 km normally. Therefore, the wear of anti-skid chains on tires is limited, especially when compared with driving safety in ice and snow days.

2. About the increase of fuel consumption

The fuel consumption will definitely increase after the installation of the snow chains. The increase in fuel consumption is not the weight of the snow chains, but the ground rolling resistance brought by the snow chains will increase the fuel consumption. However, even if the snow and ice roads are not equipped with snow chains, the fuel consumption will be much higher than usual. In addition, it is worth consuming more fuel for safety.

3. About vehicle speed

On icy and snowy roads, the driving speed with snow chains can be 30% – 50% faster than that without snow chains, and the speed can reach 50km/h. It will be bumpy at any height. It will not only improve the speed, but also be safer. After all, safety is the most important thing in icy and snowy days.

Precautions for using snow chains:

1. The selection of snow chains must be consistent with the tire size. Too large size not only can not prevent skidding, but also may cause unnecessary damage due to wheel rotation and tire separation; Too small size will have a great impact on the tire. At the same time, its own tension is not enough and it is easy to break.

2. It is better to install the anti-skid chains before traveling, rather than after encountering ice and snow roads, because installing the anti-skid chains for temporary parking is more difficult than installing them in advance, which is not conducive to safety. Park the vehicle in a safe place before installation and removal.

3. The snow chains must be installed on the driving wheels. It is prohibited to install snow chains on a single wheel or in a flat tire.

4. After installing the anti-skid chain, the driving speed should not exceed 50Km/h. Avoid sudden braking and sharp turning during driving. If there is abnormal sound or feeling during driving, please stop to check.

5. Remove the anti-skid chains in time when driving on non ice and snow roads.

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