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tire snow chains

Can Anti-skid Chains Really Effectively Ensure Our Safety in Winter

When in winter the weather is cold and the road is slippery. It is very dangerous to drive. At this time, many people think of anti-skid chains and think that they can increase a lot of safety factors. However, some people have questions in their hearts. They think that anti-skid chains look so good. Is it really reliable? Here I have collected some information about anti-skid chains. I hope it can help you.

Why use snow chains?

In the cold and snowy weather, the road is frozen, and the car is easy to slip. In order to drive safely, anti-skid chains should be used. Of course, it is not only when the road surface is frozen that anti-skid chains are used. In fact, anti-skid chains are also used on some muddy roads, roads with both water and mud. In order to prevent cars from getting stuck in the mud pit, anti-skid chains should be used. However, at that time, the anti-skid chains were relatively simple and rough. Generally, they were agricultural tractors, and only a few iron chains were wrapped around the tires. Of course, the anti-skid effect was very good.

Principle of anti-skid chain

A simple explanation is that a medium with a large friction coefficient is added between the road surface and the tire, which is the anti-skid chain. When the traction force is increased on the ground, the adhesion coefficient between the tire and the anti-skid chain will also increase, that is, the friction force between the car (that is, the tire) and the road surface will be increased. Because the anti-skid chain concentrates the weight of the car on one or several points, the pressure will be increased, Thereby increasing the frictional force.

Does the anti-skid chain hurt the tire?

Many people only think of the advantages of anti-skid chains when they use them, but they do not think of the disadvantages of anti-skid chains. In fact, there are still disadvantages when using anti-skid chains. From the above, we can know that the weight of the car body is concentrated on the anti-skid chains, and the contact point between the car and the anti-skid chains is only a point on the tire. At this time, the tire will encounter overweight and overload. In the case of no anti-skid chains, the tire will drive on a flat road, and the anti-skid chains are actually equivalent to driving on the anti-skid chains. The bumpiness will naturally damage the tire. If the anti-skid chain made of cow tendon or rubber is used, the damage will be less than that of the iron chain.

In addition, some people said that the use of anti-skid chains has slightly increased the fuel consumption. In fact, this is not very obvious.

There is another situation here, which needs to be emphasized: the use of anti-skid chains is to increase driving safety. In rainy and snowy weather, especially when the road surface is frozen, it is impossible to drive at high speed. Even if the anti-skid chains are used, the speed must be controlled. Only in this way can you be responsible for your own safety. When driving at high speed, the risk of breaking the anti-skid chains is not excluded under the low temperature, Once the broken anti-skid chain is thrown out, it may bring great safety risks to drivers, passengers, other vehicles and even pedestrians.

Finally, it is not recommended to travel in rainy and snowy weather, especially on icy roads. It is really dangerous. It does not mean that everything is OK with anti-skid chains. You must travel carefully and safety first.

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