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Analyze the Advantages and Disadvantages of Car Anti Slip Chains Commonly Used in Winter

Snow and ice weather is coming in winter, and the snow chains are selling well. For drivers who use them for the first time, they don’t know how to choose the snow chains suitable for their cars. They blindly think that the expensive ones are good, but in fact they are not. The expensive ones are not necessarily good, and the safest ones may not be suitable for your car. Here is a brief introduction to several common snow chains!

The cheapest kind of anti-skid chain on the market is actually made of iron chains, but whether it is a big car or a small car, it is basically for experienced driver. Cars that often have to cross ice and snow roads will be equipped with this kind of anti-skid chain, which is absolutely safe and cheap. The disadvantage is that it is indeed a bit worn. It is recommended not to install this kind of anti-skid chain in places where the ice is not very serious. It is suitable for long-distance running, and it is necessary to take very dangerous mountain roads and ramps, A totally icy road.

Then there is the ordinary ox tendon anti-skid chain, which is basically the same as the black ox tendon anti-skid chain. It collides with the ice breaking metal like an iron nail in the middle of the ox tendon. The advantage of this kind of anti-skid chain is that it does not hurt the car and the road surface. It is used when the ice is not very serious and it is too lazy to take off the anti-skid chain, but the cost is expensive. In the case of running a long way, or on the cruel road surface that absolutely tests the anti-skid chain, This kind of anti-skid chain is basically scrapped at one time, and there is absolutely no exaggeration! If it is a case of testing the quality of anti-skid chains, such as walking, ice roads, ramps, off-road, etc., remember not to use this kind!

There is also a kind of anti-skid chain called diamond anti-skid chain. If iron chain anti-skid chain can run in any terrain, the safety level of diamond anti-skid chain with good quality is higher than that of iron chain anti-skid chain. The price is more expensive than iron chain anti-skid chain, but it naturally has the reason of value for money. The anti-skid chain used in ice and snow road racing is almost the same. I have never seen any professional level anti-skid chain used in car racing! However, diamond is only a type of snow chains. As for the quality, it depends on the specific kind of snow chains!

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