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tire snow chain

5 Questions and Answers About Rubber Anti Skid Chain

1. Can rubber anti-skid chains really prevent skidding?

All rubber anti-skid chains are expanded as a new substitute for iron anti-skid chains and cattle rib anti-skid chains, which are favored by car owners because of their characteristics of more fitting to tires, more wear resistance, durability, and safer anti-skid. Compared with the severe wear of iron chains on tires, the plastic chains are easy to break at low temperatures. The rubber anti-skid chains can not only protect tires well, but also withstand a low temperature of minus 40 ℃ without breaking.

2. Is the rubber anti-skid chain good?

At present, there are no more than three kinds of anti-skid chains on the market, including iron chain, ox tendon chain and rubber chain. The iron chain is heavy and hurts the tire. The tendon and rubber are relatively light and do not hurt the tire. However, the tendon tends to harden at low temperatures. If the tension is slightly higher, it will break. The rubber material itself has the characteristics of high elasticity, wear resistance and cold resistance, so it makes up for the defects of low temperature easy fracture and poor tensile force of the beef tendon. In addition, some anti-skid chains are also equipped with nylon mesh, and the mesh body is used as the reinforcement with rubber impregnated nylon rope. The tensile and tear resistance programs are the best of the three.

3. Is the rubber anti-skid chain good?

It’s good. It’s very easy to use. The first thing I used was cow tendons. Now I use rubber instead. After using it, I felt that the ox tendons used before were weak and explosive. First, the rubber has been improved, which is more elastic and wear-resistant. Instead, nylon rope is added in the rubber mesh, which is more solid and wear-resistant

4. Is rubber anti-skid chain good?

Compared with the chains with iron chains and tendons, rubber chains are indeed the best choice. However, rubber snow chains can also have good or bad. Rubber anti-skid chains are divided into two types according to different structures, one is one-piece rubber anti-skid chains, and the other is rubber anti-skid chains with assembly structure. It is recommended that you must first see what kind of structure it is when you purchase. The rubber anti-skid of the assembly structure is composed of many chain pieces, with poor tensile resistance. The rubber anti-skid chain formed in one piece is equivalent to only one whole chain piece, with much stronger tensile resistance. The popular social anti-skid chains in the market are formed in one piece. The nylon net woven with nylon rope is used as the reinforcing rib in the rubber, and the tensile strength and durability have been doubled. The anti-skid chain belongs to the automotive safety category. It is recommended to buy high-quality products. Don’t try to be cheap

5. What is the difference between rubber anti-skid chains and iron anti-skid chains?

It is the difference in material and weight that makes the use effect of rubber anti slip chains different from that of iron anti slip chains. Iron anti-skid chains are hard, easy to wear tires, heavy and difficult to install. The rubber is soft, has good ductility, and can fit closely with the tire. The friction between the anti-skid chain and the tire is large, and the relative sliding property is small, so it is not easy to damage the tire. The installation is much lighter than the iron chain. As the primary component of the anti-skid chain, the material plays a crucial role in determining the anti-skid performance of the anti-skid chain. Bull tendons are commonly said to be plastic. They will become hard and brittle at low temperatures, and are prone to fracture in use. Rubber anti-skid chains have the characteristics of high elasticity, high cold resistance and high elongation, but they require high production technology. At present, there are few manufacturers specializing in the production of rubber anti-skid chains, and even fewer are those who add nylon rope as the reinforcing rib in the rubber anti-skid chain net.

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